Reprogramming a HC-11 CC1101 433MHz Wireless Transceiver Module

The HC-11 and HC-12 are low cost 433MHz Wireless Transceiver Modules. It would be fun if opensource firmware could be developed for the on-board STM8S003F3P6 microcontroller. A free IDE for STM8 can be downloaded at Cosmic or look at STVD-STM8 from ST.

After investigating the HC-11 pcb two test pads are identified. One connects to the SWIM port, the other to RESET. This is a HC11 HCMODU0054.

Luckily al digital CC1101 pins are connected to the STM8. See the connection matrix for details.

Connection matrix :

HC-11 connections

HC-11 HCMODU0054





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