Modifying the FGD280E3725 or FGD280E3715V1 2.8 Inch TFT display bus width

A while ago I purchased some FGD280E3725 TFT LCD Touch displays at eCyberspaces, see 2.8 inch 37P TFT LCD Screen ST7781R TP I received the connector pinout but did not know if the display had a 16 or 8-bit databus width. The ST7781R uses Interface Mode Select bits to set the interface type. Since the display has either an 8-bit or 16-bit interface I assume that pin IM0 is wired to the FPC. The display has an FPC type FPC2803725 0r FPC2803715 depending on the display. This FPC contains two resistors R1 and R2. Only one Resistor is populated. R1 is connected to VCCI and R2 to Ground. So currently my device is set to a 16-bit bus width since R2 is populated so IM0=0. I’ll remove R2 and place R1 and then I assume the Interface Width is set to 8-bit. I’ll test this when my test PCB arrives.

Datascheet: FGD280E3715V1

FPC2803715 IM0FDG280E3725 Pinout2.8 inch


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2 Responses to Modifying the FGD280E3725 or FGD280E3715V1 2.8 Inch TFT display bus width

  1. Jason says:

    Have you had any success in getting this screen to work? I picked up a pair of these from AliExpress, but have so far been unsuccessful in getting it to work. I can get the chip identifier, and the touchscreen and backlights work, but so far it’s stubbornly refusing to display anything.


    • I’m currently designing a test PCB for this LCD, I have not tested it yet. If you are looking for a driver, the display is used in Seeed studios’s DS0201 “DSO Nano”. I hope I get my LCD’s working, but it will take a month or so before I can test it.


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